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Included into State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia in 2005, it is protected by the patent.
Breeders A.I.Rogozhkina, V.N.Zajtsev, A.P.Lakhanov, S.N.Agarkova, E.V.Golovina, N.A.Monakhova.
Characteristics Leaf is green, leaflets are narrow - average width with concave top. The top internode of a caulis is downy, antocian colouring on sinuses of leaves is average. Time of an initial blossom an average. A flag of a flower is violet. Pod is long, narrow - average width, seeds of  average amount. Seeds are roundish, average size, grey-brown. The ornamentation is absent. Cotyledons are grey-brown.
Average productivity of dry matter in the region - 3,9 t/hectares, above the standard on 0,1 t/hectares, seeds - 1,3 t/hectares, above the standard on 0,1 t/hectares. A growing season from shoots up to ripening of seeds of  is 95-106 days.
It is succeptible to root rots. Average succeptible to ascochitosis.
Cultivation zone: It is recommended for cultivation in Central Black Earth region of Russia.

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