ВИКА АССОРТИyIt is transferred to the State strain testing in 2005 together with Shatilovskaya Experimental farm.
Breeders Zajtseva A.I., Zajtsev V.N, Kondykov I.V., Azarova E.F., Borovlev A.A., Mazalov N.I., Efremova I.P.
Building method. It is created by individual selection from backcross hybrid population (АО1-46B Hera) x Hera.
Characteristics Middle ripening, growing season is 90…95 days. Seeds are blackish-grey-brown. Mass of 1000 seeds is 55…70 g. Content of protein in seeds is 30 %, in dry matter of green mass -18,5 %. Average productivity of seeds in an one-crop system - 2,0 t/hectares, in a binary admixture - 2,8 t/hectares; of green mass - 40,0 t/hectares, of hay - 11,0 t/hectares. The variety is resistant against root rots.
Cultivation zone: It is recommended for cultivation in the Central, Central Black Earth regions of Russia.

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