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vika_holidayIncluded into State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia in 2007, protected by patent.
Breeders A.I. Zajceva, V.N.Zajcev, A.G.Vasil'chikov, E.F. Azarova.
Building method. It is received by individual selection from a complex hybrid population (Lgovsky 60 x Oryol 88) x (Warrior x Languedoc 159).
Characteristics. Growing season is 84 days, length of stem - 140…160 cm, mass of 1000 seeds - 55…63 g.  Productivity of green mass - 39,2 t/hectares, of hay - 10,3 t/hectares, of seeds - 2,3 t/hectares that, accordingly, on 25, 23 and 26 % above the standard Orlowskaja 88. The maximum productivity of green mass - 44,8 t/hectares, of seeds - 2,8 t/hectares. The new variety is responsive to inoculation by industrial strains of nitragin. Content of raw protein in seeds is 32 %, in dry matter of green mass - 19 %. By yield of raw protein in hay excess over the standard has made 8,4 %.
Advantages of the variety:
- High productivity of green mass, of dry matter and seeds in comparison to the standard Orlowskaja 91;
- Resistance to diseases.
Cultivation zone: It is recommended for cultivation in Central Black Earth, North Caucasian and Volgo-Vjatsky regions of Russia.

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