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It is included in the State list of selection achievements since 1983.
Breeders. V.F.Sidorova, V.I.Izmalkov, A.N.Zelenov.
Building method. It is received by mass selection from a hybrid combination (k-1408V Svanetija x k-1663 Burshtynsky 56 Ukraine).
Characteristics. Middle-ripening. Growing season is 100-120 days.
Plant height is 109-123 sm. Flowers are white. Pods are dark brown, contain 5-6-seeds.
Seeds light yellow, oval, with black scar.
Mass of 1000 grains is 470-515 g.
Protein content in absolute dry matter of green mass is 20 %.
Average productivity of seeds during years of test on state strain testing stations was 2,0 t/hectares, yield green mass - 20,5 t/hectares. Top yield of seeds - 3,9 t/hectares, of green mass - 52,5 t/hectares.
Resistant to diseases.
Cultivation zone. It is recommended for cultivation in the Western-Siberian, Central Black Earth regions of Russia and in Ukraine.

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