It is included in the State list of selection achievements since 2006 year.
Breeders. S.N.Agarkova, Z.R.Tsukanova, V.I.Murzenkova, T.S.Naumkina, E.V.Golovina, Blinova.
Characteristics. A plant of average height, directly standing, indeterminate. Antocian colouring of caulis in a budding stage is absent or very weak.
Leaf is green. An apical leaflet is of average length, narrow. Time of initial blossom, of green and complete ripeness - average.
Flower is white. Pod is of average length. Grain is white, without ornamentation, bitter matter is available.
Mass of 1000 grains is average.
Average productivity of dry matter in Northwest region - 4,1 t/hectares, in Central - 5,2 t/hectares, Central Black Earth - 4,9 t/hectares. Average productivity of seeds in Northwest region - 2,0 t/hectares. Growing season from plantlets before ripening of seeds is about 96-107 days.
Average succeptability to root rots, above average - to anthracnose.
Cultivation zone. Recommended for cultivation in Northwest, Central and Central Black Earth regions of Russia for green manure.

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