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It is transferred to the State strain testing in 2005 year.
Breeders. V.N.Zajtsev, A.I.Zajtseva, I.V.Kondykov, I.P.Efremova, V.I.Mazalov.
Building method. It is received by method of individual selection from hybrid population F2 from cross of lines L-98-92 x L-282-1-90.
Characteristics. Type albo-sublutea glauca Kors., ssp. manshurica Enk.
Plants of determinant type, height is 75…105 cm. Leaves are narrow, green. Flowers are small, white. Pods are light with a grayish downiness, do not crack. Seeds are small, oval, yellow; do not shatter.
Mass of 1000 seeds is 150 g; content of protein in seeds - to 38,9 %, of fat - to 22,4 %.
All seeds ripen at the same time, it is suitable for combine harvesting, plants do not lodge, branches do not break off; has high affixion of the inferior legumes (average-17 cm), resistant to root rots.
Productivity of seeds for 3 years of competitive strain testing has made 2,7 t/ha. The maximum productivity is received in 2003 year - 3,68 t/ha.
In Limited Liability Company "Russian Field" of Pokrovsky area of Oryol region productivity of the variety of Svapa has made:
in 2004 - 2,5 t/ha; the standard (Lantsetnaja) - 1,6 t/ha.
in 2005 (droughty) - 2,0 t/ha; the standard (Lantsetnaja) - 1,8 t/ha.
Advantages of the variety:
  • determinant type of growth;
  • suitable for direct combine harvesting;  
  • early ripening;
  • resistant to diseases;
  • increased content of protein;  
  • shedding resistance of seeds;
  • cracking resistance of pods.
Cultivation zone. Recommended for cultivation in Central, Central-Black-Soil, Western-Siberian regions of Russia.

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