Included into State Register of  breeding achievements since 2005, protected by patent.
Breeders.  B.H. Zajcev, A.I. Zajceva, 3.R. Tsukanova, N.S. Shevchenko, V.P. Bakhtin, A.N. Lobodyannikov.
Building method. It is developed by method of individual selection from hybrid population (F2) from cross of varieties Belgorodskaya 48 x Gribsky 12.
Characteristics. Type of Moldavika citrine, ssp. Slavic.
Plants of determinant type, height is 61…80 cm. Leaves are narrow, green. Flowers are small, violet. Legumes are brown with a grayish dense downiness. Seeds are small, roundish. Mass of 1000 seeds at the average is 115g. Protein content in seeds - 34,0…39,7%, fat - 19,3…26,8%.
Early-ripe, duration of growing season is 91…105 days. Productivity of seeds in a competitive strain testing has made 1,97 t/ha. The maximum productivity is received in 2003 year - 2,9 t/ha.
In 2002 at Kobrinsky variety testing station (Brest region, republic Belarus) productivity of the variety Lantsetnaja has made 2,96 t/ha, and in 2004 year - at the Livensky strain testing station - 3,0 t/ha.

Advantage of the variety:
early growth, one time of seed ripening; it is suitable for combine harvesting, resistant against anthracnose and bacteriosis, and also it is characterised by not cracking pods, has determinant type of growth.

Cultivation zone. Recommended for cultivation in Central, Central Black Earth regions of Russia.

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