ПРОСО КВАРТЕТIt is included in the State registry of selection achievements of the Russian Federation in 2001, protected by the patent.
Breeders. V.S.Sidorenko, V.P.Velsovsky, L.A.Velsovskaya, G.P.Zhuk, N.V.Chumakova, L.N.Varlakhova, S.D.Viljunov, A.N.Sobolev, E.N.Zolotuhin, I.P.Tikhonov.
Building method. Affiliation of created on the basis of variety Blagodatnoye lines-analogues (№№ 1950, 2007, 1965, 1963) with not identical genes (Sph1, Sph2, Sph3, Sph4) of resistance to smut strains in morfological  unimodal multilinear composition.
Characteristics. Type koktsineum. A downiness of the first leaf of plantlets is average. Leaf flagging, without antocian colourings. Length and width of plate of penultimate leaf is average. Grain is  red, roundish.
Biological features. Middle-ripening, growing season is 60-95 days, as a standard variety Blagodatnoye. The height of plants varies from 70 to 130 cm. Resistance to lodging, to shattering and to drought is up to standard.
For years of tests in region productivity of grain had made 2,4 t/hectares, above the standard on 0,2 t/hectares. The maximum yield productivity of 5,1 t/hectares was received in Oryol region in 2000 year.
Technological and culinary qualities are high. Colour of kernels is bright yellow. Mass of 1000 seeds is 6,5-8,5 g. It is included in the list of valuable varieties.
In the conditions of competitive test in 1999-2000 in the Oryol region at a strong lesion of the standard Blagodatnoye (35-70 %) by a smut was not observed.
Advantage of a variety:
  • The first multilinear variety of panicum in Russia  resistant to a smut.
Cultivation zone. It is recommended for cultivation in the Central, Central Black Earth regions of Russia.

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