It is included in the State list of selection achievements since 2006.
Breeders. S.O.Gurinovich, S.V.Bobkov, V.I.Zotikov, J.S.Belousko, V.S.Sidorenko, L.A.Velsovsky.
Building method. It is created by repeated individual selection in progenies of regenerant plants, developed in the course of long cultivation in vitro of somatic tissues of variety Udalaya.
The height of plants is 102-112 sm. The bush is straight, has 4-10 caulises. Foliar supply - 62-67 %.  The panicle is semiflagging, in the top part it is more dense, length is 13-17 sm, before ripening has antotsian colour. Mass of 1000 grains is 3,0-3,02 g.
Average productivity of dry matter is 15,4 t/hectares, of seeds - 2,6 t/hectares.
Growing season from plantlets to the first hay cutting is 49-57 days, before ripening - 96-103 days. Drought resistance is  good.
Cultivation zone. It is admitted for cultivation in all regions of Russia.

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