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Buckwheat variety Temp was created by the All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops.
Included into State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2010 for Central'no-Chernozemnij  region  of Russian Federation.
Authors: A.N.Fesenko, N.V.Fesenko, G.E.Martynenko, I.A.Gurinovich, I.N.Fesenko, Z.R.Tsukanova, I.P.Anisimov, G.N.Suvorova.
Genealogy: multiple negative and mass selection from combination: donor of Compensatory Gene Complex (donor KKG) х line Fast Finish Flowering (BO)3-5 by characteristics of habitus and yield.
Variety alate. Type of growth of branches is determinant.
Mid-ripening. Seeds are of average size. Weight of 1000 grains is 26-27 g.
Average yield during years of competitive variety testing was 16 c/ha.
Maximal yield 24,9 c/ha was obtained  in 2000 at Avdeevskij State Testing Plot of Tambov region.

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