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Buckwheat variety Dikul was created by the All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops.
Included into State Register of Breeding Achievements in 1999 for Central'nij, Volgo-Vyatskij, Nizhnevolzhskij, Zapadno-Sibirskij and Vostochno-Sibirskij regions of Russian Federation.
Authors:  N.V.Fesenko, G.E. Martynenko, S.V.Bobkov, A.A.Molotkov.
Genealogy: multiple negative  and mass selection from hybrid combination D-13 х [DLB-56-7х(D-10+ Dozhdik +D-11)] for determinacy, small leaf, developed main stem and large raceme with good content of grain.
Variety alate. Plants are determinant, plant height is 70-125 cm. Narrow-leaf. Inflorescence – raceme.
Mid-ripening. Resistant to lodging.
Processing and cooking qualities are high. Is characterized by increased grain uniformity , groats outcome. Weight of 1000 grains is 28-32 g. High quality.
Maximal yield 33,7 c/ha was obtained in 1997 in Orel region.

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