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Buckwheat variety Dialog was created by the All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops together with Shatilovskaya agricultural experimental economy. Included into State Register of Breeding Achievements for Central'nij, Central'no-Chernozemnij, Srednevolzhskij, Ural'skij, Zapadno-Sibirskij regions of Russian Federation.
Authors:  A.N.Fesenko, N.V.Fesenko, N.N.Fesenko, G.E.Martynenko, N.F.Shahov, V.I.Mazalov, I.P.Efremova.
Genealogy:  multiple negative and mass selections from combination GD-11/94 х D-24/94 for habitus and productivity.
Variety alate. Type of growth of branches is determinant. Apical inflorescence – raceme of average  size. Flower buds   and flowers are white-pink.
Mid-ripening. Vegetation period is 70-110 days. Resistant to lodging and droughts. Even ripening of fruits.
Processing and cooking characteristics are high. Grain is large, uniformed. Weight of 1000 grains is 30-36 g. High quality.
Maximal yield 42,2 c/ha was obtained  in 2009 at Cherlak State Variety Testing Plot of Omsk region.

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