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It is included in the State registry of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation in 1999, protected by patent.
Breeders. A.N.Zelenov, V.N.Uvarov, N.E.Novikova, A.V.Amelin, A.A.Molotkov, P.I.Shumilin, A.M.Ovchinnikova.
Building method. Individual selection from F3 [Us-87-022 х (Sprut 2 х Mutant P-1)].
Characteristics. Determinant (Samara type), no leaves, non-shattering. Short stem. Distinctive feature - reduce of stipules in a fruit brearing zone. Pods have 4-7seeds, pergament stratum is available. Seeds are smooth. Cotyledons are yellow. The scar is occluded by the funicle rest.
Middle-ripening, growing season is 59-88 days. Height of plants is 47-75 sm, on the average on 30 sm below standards. High resistance to lodging and shattering. Drought resistance is average. Mass of 1000 seeds of 220-300g.
Maximum productivity of grain in Volgo-Vjatskij region 4,0 t/hectares is received for years of a strain testing in 1997 in the Kirov region, 5,2 t/hectares - in Research Institute of Northern Zauralye.
Advantage of a variety: increased adaptability to manufacture caused by a combination of determinant type of growth, leaflessness and shedding resistance of seeds.
Cultivation zone. It is admitted to cultivation in Central, Volgo-Vjatsky, Central Black Earth, North Caucasian, Srednevolzhsky, Ural, Western-Siberian, East-Siberian regions of Russian Federations.

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