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It is under State strain testing since 2005 year.
Breeders. V.N.Uvarov, I.V.Kondykov, A.N.Zelenov, A.P.Lakhanov, N.E.Novikova.
Building method. It is created by method of individual selection from a hybrid population, received from cross of varieties of Tyrkis x PSS-2-1507.
Characteristics. Type vulgare.
Selection of an elite plant was performed by initial rate of growth of a germinal little root (the selection procedure is developed in the laboratory of plant physiology of the institute.
Middle-ripening, growing season is 76-80 days, semi-dwarf, length of  stalk is 60-85 sm. Thick stalk, resistant against lodging. Leaf is standard, average size. Leaflets are dense. Number of internodes to the first raceme is 11-13.  3-5 productive nodes. Flowers are white, large. Pods are straight, 4-6 seeds in a pod. Seeds are roundish, light pink. Seed surface is smooth. Mass of 1000 seeds is 220-260g.
Protein content in seeds is 23 % that is above standard on 1,4 %. Culinary and technological qualities are excellent.
In a competitive strain testing in 2003-2005 average yield of seeds of variety Temp had yielded 4,37 t/hectares, that is on 0,53 t/hectares more than yield of variety Orlovchanin. Yield of protein from hectare - 0,88 t, at standard - 0,74 t/hectare. The top yield of 6,1 t/hectares was received in a competitive strain testing in 2003. The maximum productivity in the State strain testing was 4,5 t/hectare.
Variety of intensive type, is suitable for single-phase harvesting.
Advantage of the variety: thick stalk,  resistance to lodging; high potential productivity.
Cultivation zone. It is recommended for cultivation in the Central, Central Black Earth, North Caucasian and Northwest regions of Russia.

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