It is included in the State registry of selection achievements of the Russian Federation in 2004, protected by patent
Breeders. M.P.Miroshnikov, V.N.Zajtsev, I.V.Kondykov, P.I.Shumilin, R.M.Andrjukhina.
Building method. Orisari x l 543-84.
Characteristics. Type oblongus brunneus.  The height of plants is 33,62 sm. Form of an average leaflet from triangular to roundish, size average. Flower sare  pink. Legumes are almost direct, average length, form of cross-section from elliptic to the ooid. The basic colouring of seeds is brown. A scar is white.
Mass of 1000 grains is 187-287 g. Content of protein is 18,6-22,9 %. Commodity qualities are good.
Mid-late ripening, growing season is 80-100 days. Oka matures a week earlier than this variety. Resistance to lodging,  to shattering, to drought is high, up to the standard.
Average productivity in the Oryol region is 2,6 t/hectares, it is 0,4 t/hectares above the standard Oka. The maximum productivity of 3,9 t/hectares was received in 2003 in the Oryol region.
Anthracnose- and bacteriosis resistant.
Cultivation zone. It is recommended for cultivation in Central Black Earth, North Caucasian regions of Russia.

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