It is transferred to the State strain testing in 2005 year.
Breeders. M.P.Miroshnikova, I.V.Kondykov, V.I.Zotikov, T.S.Naumkina, E.F.Azarova, I.M.Mikhajlova.
Building method. It is created by selection from the 5th generation of hybrid population Stella (the sample from Sweden) ×ОКА.
Type: Ellipticus ochraceus.
Characteristics. Plants of determinant type of growth. Stem is standard, dark green colour, locating of lateral branches is dense. Height is 55-60 см. Has 5-7 productive nods, every nod has 3 - 6 flowers of pink colour. Length of pod is 10-13 sm, average number of pods on a plant 25, maximum - 40-42, are good executed, number of seeds in a legume - 4-6.
Seeds are smooth, shining, elliptic form of average size, a seed scar is white with a dark ring.  Mass of 1000 seeds - 300-320g.
Early ripening  variety, length of a growing season is 80-82 days. High-yielding. Average productivity of seeds for years of competitive strain testing has made 2,7 t/hectares, authentically exceeds the standard Rubin on 0,4 t/hectares.
Content of raw  protein in seeds is up to standard.
Good for direct combine harvesting, height of affixion of the inferior legumes is 15-20 см. Taste is good. It is resistant against the basic bean diseases.
Cultivation zone. It is recommended for cultivation in the Central, Central Black Earth, Sredne-Volga regions of Russia.

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