Included into State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2003 year, protected by patent.
Breeders. M.D. Varlakhov, I.M. Seledkina, V.I. Murzenkova, P.I. Shumilin, E.F. Azarova, R.M. Andryukhina.
Building method. Okula (k-2335, Czechoslovakia) x Aboriginal (k-538, Turkey).
Characteristics. Type - nummularia. Plantlets with antocian coloration. The height of plants is 48-57 cm. Leaflets are long, oval, smooth-edged. Flowers are white, with dark blue veins,  2-3 flowers on a peduncule. Pods have 1-2 seeds of rhombic form with the pointed top. Seeds are large, orbicular-flat, smooth, yellow-green.
Average productivity in the conditions of the Oryol region - 2,1 t/hectares, that is 0,4 t/hectares above the standard Petrovsky 4/105. The maximum productivity of 2,8 t/hectares is received in the Oryol region.
Middle-ripening, growing season is 85-86 days. Resistance to lodging,  to shattering, to drought is standard.
Mass of 1000 seeds is 57-60 g, content of protein in grain is about 28%.
Commodity and culinary qualities are excellent. It is included into the list of valuable varieties by quality.
For years of tests diseases and pests were not observed.
Planting zone. Recommended for cultivation in all regions of Russia.

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